Pole classes in Fulham

Class 1

Every Thursdays at 7.15 pm Beginners/Pre-Intermediate course:

This course is for those who are new to Pole Dancing. You start by learning the basics and 
gradually working towards building upper body strength, it includes Basic Pole Fitness Moves 
/ Spins / Transitions between moves / Slides / Pole Climbs.

 Who is already completed beginners course, This course 
introduces the students to more difficult moves that requires more upper body and core 
strength, it includes Inversions / Spins / Kicks / Transitions between moves / Climbing 

Every Thursdays at 8.15 pm Exotic pole flow for all levels.

Exotic pole you will learn sexy routines on static pole, including floor work and pole flow. You can wear your high heels – all levels! Classes for everyone who wants to learn sexy moves and feel sexy while work out!Combinations.


£18.50 per drop-in class or £60.00 for 4 weeks course.

Address :Pole studio Fulham: 345 North End Road Schedule here

Please look for sign for studio 345.


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