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Pole dancing has become extremely popular in the last 10 years. It’s an amazing form of exercise that will make you stronger than you’ve ever been before, it’s also playful, expressive, and it’s a great way to discover your body’s hidden potentials.

Aerial Active Pole Fitness is a pole dance studio that encourages fun and uninhibited dancing in an environment free of intimidation. Our studio offers a wide range of pole fitness classes. It doesn’t matter what your aim is: to get fitter, healthier or just to try a new exciting way to exercise- you are very welcome to join the team. Students of all ages and physical abilities are treated equally, there is no need to have a particular level of preparation or fitness skills prior to starting. Professional and helpful coaches guide students through each new move in a fun and engaging way. Aerial Active offers students performance opportunities and fun events such as hen and birthday parties.

In 2010 Svetlana Dunn discovered pole fitness and started working on getting a professional degree in this field. She became a pole dance instructor in 2012.

Svetlana is a person of passion. She loves what she does – discovering and teaching new kinds of fitness, from pole dance to aerial arts. Recently, she has taken a course with International Pole Sports Federation and earned a certificate in judging. She left her full-time job in January 2016 to commit herself fully to Aerial Active and teaching students. Svetlana has proudly earned her 22 years of experience in the fitness industry. Unfortunately, in August 2016 she had a bad accident in Thailand which nearly took her life. She was unable to work for 2 months and thought that she would never walk properly again. However, with her passion for sports, she is not only walking but dancing again, and now she has opened her new pole studio in Hammersmith!

Svetlana Dunn believes that pole dance has helped her not only to transform her body and health, but also her mind and soul have changed positively. Her promise is that every person can achieve what she has, through regular practice and passion.

Pole is a form of dance that teaches amazing strength, skills and flexibility. No matter your body type or current fitness level, pole can help you achieve confidence with your body while having fun. Adding pole dance to your life can lead to a total transformation of your body, mind and spirit. It’s happened for millions all around the world and it will happen to you.

Aerial Active pole fitness studio in Hammersmith is open from January 2017. We hope to see you soon in our new studio!

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