Planning a hen party? You have so many fresh and creative ideas, but not sure which one to choose? This problem is familiar to any bride to be planning a pre-wedding party with her friends. Below we have outlined five awesome ideas for your hen party. If you like them, please feel free to share this article with your friends. Let’s begin!

City Break

If you want a truly memorable day, why not to go to Paris, New York or London together with your girlies? Besides sightseeing, you can visit restaurants, bars, music performances and disco clubs. While city breaks aren’t going to be inside everyone’s budget, there are some excellent deals online you might consider.

Tea Party

Tea is always a good idea. If you live in the UK, you might be familiar with high tea, which is typically served on the weekends nowadays. But if you are not, you might still consider this classy, affordable option for your hen party. You can go to a specialised tea room or make tea party at home. The at-home version is even better, so you can spend as much time with your friends as you want and drink as much tea as you want without overpaying for it. Prepare some flowery -themed tablecloth, sandwich and cupcake holder (you can get one with few levels), fancy-looking teapot and few cups. Bake or buy cupcakes, prepare some sandwiches and get few different kinds of teas for each person’s taste.

Aerial Fitness Party

Pole dancing and aerial fitness has become extremely popular in the last 10 years. It’s an amazing form of exercise that will make you fitter than you’ve ever been before, it’s also playful, expressive, and it’s a great way to discover your body’s hidden potentials.

Take an Art Class

Everyone, even those who think are not creative, can get involved in a bit of drawing or, perhaps, sculpturing. Despite some art schools run day classes for art students only, others specialise in private life drawing classes for parties, which include hen day celebrations. All participants are sure to bond over the adventure!

Spa Day

Spa days are the creme a la creme of girls’ parties. A day of champagne and strawberries while you indulge in your favourite spa treatments. Pair this with a meal in a nice restaurant that evening for the perfect modern hen party. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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